A confused beginning…

In this blog I’ll be engaging with “music” in a very broad sense; much of my research involves social, political, and economic ideas, and so these will be a running theme to some extent. Despite my intense fear of being made to look a fool on the internet, I will be leaving the comments section active, and so any feedback or discussion is welcomed there. I’m not entirely certain what this blog will become in the end or who I’ll reach, but I guess that’s part of the fun.

I’ve started this blog with a few functions in mind:

  • to get me into the habit of writing regularly
  • as a place to articulate general academic musings
  • to (hopefully) engage with an audience outside of the four people I speak to regularly
  • as an enjoyable activity that I don’t have to feel too guilty about

What I’ll try to do:

  • loosely discuss my research interests
  • post regularly – ideally every few weeks
  • comment on talks/papers/performances/issues

What I’ll try not to do:

  • post pictures of my cat
  • neglect the blog
  • ramble

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